LiV Las Vegas - Vision

Our business is entertainment and management and that comes in many forms...just as life, you have to LiV. Whether you are looking for the Las Vegas nightclub scene or maybe you wanna do some shopping and dining, our vision is to get you where you need to go.  Want us to manage your next event or help you promote or manage and new club, venue, or weekly special event, with our years of experience we can help you with that too!

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and ours began many years ago with our LiV Miami Magazine.  Since our inception we have expanded into online publishing, event management, promotions, club and venue management online retail  which includes marketing, graphic design and on-site promotional events.  Want to LiV like a local?  LiV Las Vegas is where you start your path to success, whether LiV'ing like a local or LiV'ing like a rock start

Meet the Team

Behind every successful brand there is a team.  Some teams are large while others are small...lean and mean.

Kurt Edwins


A Miami Beach transplant in 1999, Kurt Edwins founded LiV Miami within a few years of landing on the South Beach. Having hosted, promoted, and marketed a number of events on the beach, Kurt has an eye for all that is LiV Miami.

Reid Harrison

Contributing Photographer

A native of North Carolina, Reid Harrison landed in South Beach in 2001. Having an extremely diverse portfolio of photographic works, Reid loves shooting images of the human form as well as landscape scenes. Look to see many of his works throughout LiV Miami.

Steve Siler

Contributing Automotive Journalist

Born, raised and residing in Los Angeles, renowned automotive journalist Steve Siler contributes to major automotive publications such as Car and Driver Magazine, kbb.com, and Motor1.com, plus numerous local and national luxury lifestyle magazines. According to his parents, Siler's first word was "car,"-a statement no one who's met him would ever dispute.

LiV Miami

Are you ready to LiV?  Let us know and we will have you LiV'ing Miami style.